2018 Inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy

On 8 September 2017 the Australian Government announced the commencement of an independent Inquiry into the effectiveness of the National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 (NRSS).

The NRSS Inquiry was chaired by two independent experts: Associate Professor Jeremy Woolley, Director of the Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide, and Dr John Crozier, Chair of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Trauma Committee. They were assisted by two Principal Advisers: Mr Lauchlan McIntosh AM, President of the Australasian College of Road Safety, and Mr Rob McInerney, Chief Executive of the International Road Assessment Program.

The terms of reference were:

  1. Identify the key factors involved in the road crash death and serious injury trends including recent increases in 2015 and 2016.
  2. Review the effectiveness of the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 and supporting 2015-17 Action Plan, with particular reference to the increase in deaths and serious injuries from road crashes over the last two years.
  3. Identify issues and priorities for consideration in development of a post-2020 national road safety strategy and 2018-2020 action plan, focusing on how Australia can recognise and move towards a safe road transport system which minimises harm to all users.
  4. Advise on arrangements for the management of road safety and the NRSS, looking at best coordination and use of the capacity and contributions of all partners.

The closing date to receive submissions was 2 March 2018.

The NRSS Inquiry panel provided its report and recommendations to the Australian Government at Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday 12 September 2018: PDF: 2162 KB 

A summary of the NRSS Inquiry report and recommendations is here: PDF: 1095 KB

The Transport and Infrastructure Council has considered the recommendations of the NRSS Inquiry and agreed on 22 November 2019 to a final response and implementation arrangements: PDF: 356 KB