National Road Safety Action Plan 2023–2025 implementation

Delivery of the National Road Safety Action Plan 2023–2025 (Action Plan) requires integrated governance arrangements that cut across traditional government boundaries. Relevant Australian, state and territory ministers oversee the implementation of the Action Plan, monitor progress, and approve future Action Plans.

All governments have agreed to a new road safety governance structure for the Action Plan. This includes an ongoing Intergovernmental Road Safety Steering Committee (the Steering Committee) comprised of representatives from the Australian Government, each state and territory government, and the Australian Local Government Association. The Steering Committee meets quarterly and reports to the Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials Committee (ITSOC). The Steering Committee, led by the Australian Government through the Office of Road Safety, is responsible for the development and co-ordination of the National Road Safety Annual Report to the Infrastructure and Transport Minister’s Meeting (ITMM), on progress against the actions identified in the Action Plan.

Report on 2022 Road Safety Actions

As part of the development of the Action Plan, the state and territory governments prepared a summary of the actions they have taken in 2022 to deliver on the road safety priorities in the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30. A consolidated version of these actions is available as a pdf.