National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020

The National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 (the Strategy) was based on the internationally recognised Safe System principles. It was framed by the guiding vision that no person should be killed or seriously injured on Australia's roads. As a step towards this long-term vision, the Strategy presented a 10-year plan to reduce the annual numbers of both deaths and serious injuries on Australian roads by at least 30 per cent.

The Strategy contained a range of high-level directions and interventions to drive national road safety performance to the end of 2020. It represented the commitment of federal, state and territory governments to an agreed set of national road safety goals, objectives and action priorities. 

2018 inquiry into the 2011-20 Strategy found that more work was needed to achieve that vision, supported by a robust implementation plan and performance monitoring framework. The Inquiry found that failing to improve road safety would result in 12,000 people killed and 360,000 people admitted to hospital at a cost of $300 billion over the next decade. This outcome was considered unacceptable by all levels of government.

The Strategy was replaced by the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30.

Read the previous National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 PDF: 5783 KB

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