Road Safety Awareness and Enablers Fund

The Road Safety Awareness and Enablers Fund (RSAEF) is providing $4 million over four years from 2019–20 for grants to fund road safety awareness, education and collaboration initiatives.

The funding has been shared by community organisations, road safety groups and local governments across 20 projects to improve road safety among a wide range of road users including young people and heavy vehicle drivers. Announced in January 2020, project activities include:

  • improving rural and regional road safety
  • raising awareness on the impacts of speeding
  • driveway safety
  • sharing the road with other road users
  • combating fatigue through the expansion of the Driver Reviver program.

RSAEF funded projects

Organisation Project

Driver Reviver Australia

Driver Reviver Revitalisation Project

Reinvigorate and expand the Driver Reviver Program – recruiting more volunteers and promoting the Driver Reviver locations to combat driver fatigue.

Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia

Recreational Vehicles (RV) Safety Awareness Project

Deliver targeted safety awareness programs for drivers of recreational vehicles (i.e. caravans, campervans, motorhomes) and how to interact with road users.

Australasian College of Road Safety

Australasian Road Safety Conference

Support the Australasian Road Safety Conference over four years and fund scholarships for low- and middle-income delegates from the Asia-Pacific and African regions.

Australasian College of Road Safety

International ACRS Outreach Chapter in Asia

Establish an international outreach program for road safety in Asia to apply global best practice to eliminate road trauma.

Traffic Management Association of Australia

Your Speed is Our Safety Campaign

Build driver awareness and understanding of the impact of unsafe driving around roadwork sites on road workers, families and the community.

Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group

National Road Safety Week sponsorship

Support National Road Safety Week – an initiative from the SARAH Group that aims to highlight the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it.

Australian Road Safety Foundation

Fatality Free Friday

Sponsor Fatality Free Friday – a national call to action for at least one day a year free from road fatalities, to raise awareness about road safety.

Australian Road Safety Foundation

Rural Road Safety Month Campaign

Generate widespread awareness of risky driver behaviour on rural roads, the impacts of these risks and the need for further education.

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council

Share the Space

Develop a new Share the Space video campaign to raise awareness on sharing paths and streets, with a focus on compassion and understanding for people with disability and the elderly.

Shire of Boddington

Courtesy speed signs

Deliver courtesy speed signs throughout the south west of Western Australia to provide immediate feedback to drivers, allowing them to adjust their speed in real time and improving long-term adherence to speed limits.

Georgina Josephine Foundation

Keeping Kids Safe Around vehicles

Deliver targeted radio promotions to remind parents, carers and the general public to check around vehicles before getting in to drive, in order to prevent injury or worse to those around them.

Re:act (Hardedge)

Resourcing of the Re:act Road Safety Behaviour Change Program

Assist university students to develop communication strategies and creative campaigns to engage their peers and change behaviour on the roads. Selected campaigns will be developed into fully fledged public campaigns.

City of South Perth

Community Safe Speed Promise Campaign with SAS

Install electronic speed awareness signs in school zones and other identified hotspots within the City of South Perth to alert motorists to their speed and encourage them to change their behaviour.

City of Kalamunda

Connecting Safe People to Safe Streets in Kalamunda

Deliver a comprehensive education and awareness program focusing on road safety for Kalamunda drivers and road users.

Amy Gillett Foundation

Sharing Roads Safely – Vulnerable Road User Awareness Training

Deliver a driver training course that aims to increase safe interactions between heavy vehicle drivers and vulnerable road users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Horse SA

Horses, Safety and Riding on Roads

Produce a contemporary education resource for horse riders with a focus on horse behaviours, safety around horses and applying the Australian Road Rules when riding on roads.

Blue Datto

Keeping Safe in NSW

Deliver a road safety education campaign to 3,000 vulnerable and high-risk young drivers in NSW, including critical programs in lower socio-economic areas and in regions where young people have a greater risk of being involved with a crash or fatality.

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation

Smooth Riding

Deliver Australian Road Rule education to young people, including indigenous groups, in a friendly skateboarding workshop environment.

Shire of Kojonup

Variable Speed Display Signage

Install variable speed display signs for use in the Shire of Kojonup.

North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

Play it Safe – Off the Field and On the Road

Deliver a series of targeted television commercials using the high profile Cowboys players to deliver road safety messaging.