National Drug Driving Working Group

The National Drug Driving Working Group (NDDWG) is a cross-jurisdictional working group established in late 2017 to progress the development of best practice approaches towards drug testing in Australia. The work of the NDDWG contributes to the implementation of Priority Action 5 of the National Road Safety Action Plan 2018-2020.

Roadside Drug Testing Dashboard

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) has developed a Roadside Drug Testing dashboard in collaboration with members of the NDDWG.

The interactive Roadside Drug Testing dashboard allows users to view information relating to the number of roadside drug tests per 10,000 licences per jurisdiction and also highlights:

  • number of road side drug tests conducted by jurisdiction;
  • positive results returned; and
  • number of road deaths involving an illegal drug (based on information available).

Enforcement data is provided to BITRE by the state and territory police for reporting and monitoring our performance against the National Road Safety Strategy and updated annually.


Roadside Drug Testing Dashboard

It can also be accessed from BITRE's dashboard webpage at

National Drug Driving Working Group

In November 2017, the Transport and Infrastructure Council agreed to the formation of a cross-jurisdictional National Drug Driving Working Group to progress the development of best practice approaches to roadside drug testing in Australia.

The NDDWG's report Australia's Second Generational Approach to Roadside Drug Testing was endorsed by the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee in October 2018. The report found that Australia is the world leader in drug driving enforcement and deterrence. The report considers strategies to guide our future approach to reducing drug driving on Australian roads and proposes recommendations for jurisdictions to consider in working towards a national best practice model of roadside drug testing and general deterrence.

  • Report of the National Drug Driving Working Group PDF: 650 KB

Roadside drug testing scoping study

Prior to the formation of the NDDWG, a national scoping study into roadside drug testing across Australia was completed. The researchers noted that overall, Australia has the most intensive roadside drug testing program in the world, with roadside oral fluid testing introduced in Australia a decade or more before any other jurisdiction internationally.

Consultation indicated that Australian states and territories are interested in moving forward to: develop a deterrence model; improve testing technology, particularly to reduce the time taken at the roadside for sample collection and analysis; and to develop an evidentiary roadside test with no further lab testing required.