Driver Reviver Site Upgrades

The  Australian Government is investing $8 million over two years through the Driver Reviver Site Upgrades program to improve amenities at driver reviver locations nation-wide and to support the establishment of new sites.

Round one

Nearly $700,000 was shared by 22 organisations to purchase portable electronic variable message signs for 34 Driver Reviver sites around Australia under round one of the program.

These signs promote awareness for operational Driver Reviver sites and are available for other road safety messaging when not required at the Driver Reviver sites.

Round two

$7.2 million was committed under round two of the Driver Reviver program to upgrading 71 roadside rest areas across the country.

Activities to be completed under round two, announced in September 2021 will include improvements to shelters, picnic tables, power and water facilities, barbeques, parking, lighting and kitchen facilities.

The upgrades will assist volunteers to better support motorists manage their fatigue on long journeys, reducing the risk of crashes causing deaths and serious injuries.