6. Reduce speed limits to 40 km/h or lower in pedestrian and cyclist places


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Road users who are not protected by a vehicle are extremely vulnerable in collisions. The risk of death or serious injury increases markedly over impact speeds of 30 km/h.

Outcomes by 2020

High pedestrian activity areas, and pedestrian and cyclist places under ‘movement and place’ frameworks 1, will have speed limits of 40 km/h or less. There will also be greater use of 30 km/h limits where appropriate, to reduce risk to vulnerable road users.

Highlight towns and cities with zero fatalities.


  • Implement 40 km/h (or lower) speed limits in high pedestrian and cyclist use zones.
  • Investigate 30 km/h (or lower) speed limits in high-risk pedestrian and cycling areas.
  • Investigate and implement low-cost infrastructure options to reflect a lower speed environment, when applying speed reduction as a road safety treatment.