2. Target infrastructure funding towards safety-focused initiatives to reduce trauma on regional roads



States and territories

Local government

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Australia has many high speed regional roads that are key routes and where crash risk is high. There were 843 people killed on regional and remote roads in 2016, representing 65% of all road crash deaths.

Outcomes by 2020

Increase safety treatments on roads with highest risk of death and injury. Actions 2 and 3 (together with A and B) collectively aim to improve the star ratings across the whole road network, with the aim to achieve 3-star AusRAP ratings or better for 80% of travel on state roads, including a minimum of 90% of travel on national highways.


The Commonwealth, states and territories, and local governments will work together to develop and deliver regional road safety initiatives within infrastructure investment frameworks.

  • Upgrades to start with corridors/routes with the highest death and serious injury risk.
  • Apply mass action treatments (e.g. barriers, wide medians, audio-tactile line markings) for state and local roads with the highest risk of fatality and serious injury.
  • Accelerate and/or redirect funding to focus on highly beneficial mass action treatments as part of the delivery of funded infrastructure programs/projects, and use pilot projects to demonstrate the benefits to the community.