Post 2020—the next National Road Safety Strategy

In 2017 the Australian Government, with the support of the state and territory governments, launched an independent Inquiry into the effectiveness of the NRSS, to examine how to further reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads. The NRSS Inquiry will report to the Australian Government and to the Transport and Infrastructure Council in 2018.

The results of this work will inform development of the national strategic approach to improving road safety from 2021 onwards. The development of a new national strategy will also need to consider the expanded set of performance measures developed under this Action Plan and the additional information about the safety performance of the road transport system, with a particular focus on how to accelerate Australia's progress towards zero deaths and serious injuries from road crashes.

In a post-2020 strategy it will be important to consider emerging technologies, including the increasing introduction of automated vehicles into the transport system; and give greater attention to the improvement of post-crash care to reduce deaths and ongoing disability and improve recovery from injuries; as well as the broader supporting management functions critical to the Safe System approach.