Monitoring and Reporting

Under the existing National Road Safety Strategy governance arrangements, the Austroads Road Safety Task Force will continue to have overall responsibility for monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the Action Plan. A comprehensive annual report on progress is prepared for Transport Ministers at the end of each calendar year and released publically on the Transport and Infrastructure Council website.

Responsibilities for implementing, monitoring and reporting on progress on the actions sit with the Commonwealth, state and territory transport departments and road authorities, Austroads, police, the National Transport Commission and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The primary measure of success for the 10-year strategy will be determined by the actual reduction in the numbers of deaths and serious injuries from road crashes. Intermediate progress is assessed annually using the high level outcome indicators established when the strategy commenced, as well as the Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) that have been developed for detailed progress monitoring. Development of additional SPIs and associated data collection arrangements will continue.

Road safety risk and mitigation modelling will increasingly be used, enabling better assessment of interventions with consistent reporting on safety outcomes.