D. Develop a national speed enforcement strategy in cooperation with police and explore greater use of technology for a range of enforcement outcomes



States and territories



Speeding increases both crash risk and severity, and there is evidence that best practice speed enforcement measures are highly effective in reducing speeding and improving safety. Individual jurisdictions face pressure from some sectors of the community on speed enforcement, and a national approach will provide support for best practice enforcement and assist governments to maintain or increase levels of enforcement.

All governments will work together to develop a national strategy supporting highly randomised speed enforcement on high speed rural roads; use of both cameras and roadside policing; enforcement of limits at roadworks; best practice approaches for the introduction of new speed zones; and review of tolerances, particularly the scope for lower tolerances with the development of new technologies. The strategy will consider trials of telematics to manage speed and other high risk behaviours; and options to better measure the trauma reduction outcomes of enforcement efforts.