NRSS 2011-20 Inquiry Submissions

The following submissions were made to the National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 Inquiry. In addition, a number of submissions were received that the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (the Department) was not granted authorisation to publish or were submitted as confidential submissions. Published submissions have been redacted in some cases to remove personal information. The Department is not responsible for the content of these submissions, which remains the responsibility of the original authors, and submissions do not represent the views of the Department or indicate its commitment to a particular course of action.

The Department makes no representations or warranties as to the contents or accuracy of the information contained in the submissions. To the extent permitted by law, the Department disclaims liability to any person or organisation in respect of anything done, or omitted to be done, in reliance upon information contained in the submissions.

Reference number Submitted by PDF
1 Charlie Nelson—foreseechange PDF: 106 KB 
2 Nick Biswell PDF: 40 KB 
3 Julie Paull PDF: 36 KB 
4 Rod Ross PDF: 47 KB 
5 Lou Jansch PDF: 16 KB 
6 Carol Davis PDF: 51 KB 
7 Renato Diglio PDF: 65 KB 
8 Ron Coleman PDF: 51 KB 
9 Vision Australia PDF: 61 KB 
10 Name and submission confidential n/a
11 Name and submission confidential n/a
12 Anthony Hollis—Katasi Inc PDF: 393 KB 
13 Renato Diglio PDF: 35 KB 
14 Norm Cowan—Swiftco Trailers PDF: 80 KB 
15 National Heavy Vehicle Regulator PDF: 786 KB 
16 Dr Michael White PDF: 2140 KB 
17 Simon Gould PDF: 191 KB 
18 Ronald Bright PDF: 68 KB 
19 Russell Deller PDF: 106 KB 
20 ANCAP PDF: 534 KB 
21 Name and submission confidential n/a
22 Royal Automobile Club of Victoria PDF: 529 KB 
23 Dr Reece Hinchcliff
24 MTA Queensland PDF: 614 KB 
25 Name and submission confidential n/a
26 * Royal Automobile Club of WA PDF: 4825 KB 
27 Amy Gillett Foundation, Cycling Australia, Bicycle NSW, Pedal Power, WestCycle joint Submission PDF: 26741 KB
28 Advancing Projects Pty Ltd PDF: 296 KB 
29 Paul Burke PDF: 1341 KB 
30 Motorcycle Council of NSW PDF: 3485 KB 
31 Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) PDF: 795 KB 
32 Martin Small Consulting PDF: 598 KB 
33 Australian Automobile Association
34 Chris Hamby PDF: 10 KB 
35 Abu Sayeed PDF: 584 KB 
36 QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads & QLD Police Service PDF: 398 KB 
37 Western Australian Local Government Association PDF: 585 KB 
38 Michael Griffiths PDF: 1250 KB 
39 Brett Hughes PDF: 1558 KB 
40 Submission withdrawn  
41 Transurban PDF: 684 KB 
42 Mark Arena
43 Public Health Association Australia PDF: 874 KB 
44 Australian Trucking Association PDF: 493 KB 
45 Sleep Health Foundation & Australasian Sleep Association PDF: 418 KB 
46 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons PDF: 173 KB 
48 NRMA PDF: 5177 KB 
49 Injury Matters PDF: 245 KB 
50 Australian Logistics Council PDF: 905 KB 
51 Local Government Association of Queensland PDF: 210 KB 
52 Australian Medical Association PDF: 470 KB 

* This submission was received after the Inquiry report was received by the Australian Government