Strategy Cornerstones

Four ‘cornerstone’ areas

The National Road Safety Strategy is based on four cornerstone areas of intervention, with the following strategic aims.

Safe Roads

Roads and roadsides designed and maintained to reduce the risk of crashes occurring and to lessen the severity of injury if a crash does occur. Safe roads prevent unintended use through design and encourage safe behaviour by users.

Safe Speeds

Speed limits complementing the road environment to manage crash impact forces to within human tolerance; and all road users complying with the speed limits.

Safe Vehicles

Vehicles which not only lessen the likelihood of a crash and protect occupants, but also simplify the driving task and protect vulnerable users. Increasingly this will involve vehicles that communicate with roads and other vehicles, while automating protective systems when crash risk is elevated.

Safe People

Encourage safe, consistent and compliant behaviour through well-informed and educated road users. Licensing, education, road rules, enforcement and sanctions are all part of the Safe System.