National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30

The Office of Road Safety is leading the development of the National Road Safety Strategy for the decade 2021-30 (Strategy), working closely with states, territories and the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).

This new Strategy will see a new approach to road safety in Australia, recognising that road safety is not solely a transport problem. We need long-term cultural change towards road safety, to make road safety ‘business as usual’ and fostering a road safety culture across Australian society.

It is expected to include a set of targets and priorities to improve road safety in Australia and get the settings right for road safety as we move towards our long-term goal of zero deaths and injuries on our roads.

The new Strategy and a National Action Plan for the first three years are expected to be finalised in early 2021.

Developing the Strategy

While the Office of Road Safety is leading the Strategy’s development, it is a national strategy developed jointly and collaboratively by all levels of government. The Strategy is being prepared throughout 2020, guided by a Cross-Jurisdictional Working Group made up of road safety representatives from federal, state and territory governments, along with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).


Consultation has commenced with stakeholders, including road safety organisations, on the proposed priorities. This will inform the development of the Strategy, our focus over the next decade and support the development of the first action plan.

The targeted consultation represents all the major road user groups and road safety advocates, from vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, to heavy vehicle organisations, road safety researchers and national road safety advocates.

As the strategy is developed further, there are anticipated to be further opportunities for consultation.